The RIBONZ Trilogy

I. Genesis | II. Spacetime | III. Infinity

The RIBONZ Trilogy is a completed three-part generative art project from Mystery Labs. Holders of all 3 parts received a Finale Artwork

RIBONZ: Genesis

RIBONZ: Genesis ~ Part I of the RIBONZ Trilogy.

  • RIBONZ: Spacetime

    RIBONZ: Spacetime ~ Part II of the RIBONZ Trilogy.

  • RIBONZ: Infinity

    RIBONZ: Infinity ~ Part III of the RIBONZ Trilogy

  • What does reality consist of? Are we living in a simulation, or what? The RIBONZ Trilogy is designed to explore the scientific theories that explain our reality, helping us ground ourselves at a time when answers aren’t so clear.

    RIBONZ: Genesis begins with forms inspired by string theory, fundamental mathematical objects whose vibrations create the structures that are our reality.

    RIBONZ: Spacetime takes off to explore cosmology and structures, taking inspiration from relativity with gravitational distortions of an underlying energy field.

    RIBONZ: Infinity concludes the Trilogy by considering what might exist beyond space. As new universes emerge from the vacuum, this three-part cycle will continue...infinitely.

    Mystery Labs is a supporter of Girls Who Code, a non-profit designed to increase the number of women in computer science.

    Official contracts on ethereum: RIBONZ: Genesis 0xaa44dD92BC64BF8E700bb515a9Bf95547b413E4e | RIBONZ: Spacetime 0xc0B1d8c41eF69a72a41Ba36A248C76aFeea30A0C | RIBONZ: Infinity 0x8C3dE1E1F9D31E487F3c94D0Cc8631353393840d | RIBONZ: Finale 0xA3Bcff54b2f734034271452Ee2810285476e4ce0